"Hydrating and softening dog shampoo and conditioner with a scent of jasmine”

Sthlm Dogspa has launched its first series of dog shampoo and conditioner with a mild scent of white flower jasmine. The foundation of the brand is to offer all our fluffy friends a luxurious spa feeling with beneficial ingredients and a scandinavian minimalistic design that lifts the exclusive feeling.   

All products are Vegan, Sulfate-free, Silicone-free, Paraben-free & pH-balanced.

Hydration Shampoo is a gentle and moisturizing shampoo that will give your fluffy friend a luxurious and relaxing experience. The mild formula maintains the fine quality of the coat with a balanced pH value (pH 7) while cleansing and moisturizing, without disturbing the natural barrier of the fur and skin. STHLM DOGSPA Hydration Shampoo is also enriched Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which both have a moisturizing and strengthening effect. Aloe Vera also has properties that can soothe irritated skin.

STHLM DOGSPA Softening Conditioner is a dog conditioner created taking into account the needs of your furry friend, perfect to use after shampooing for the complete spa treatment. The softening and pH-balanced formula gives a silky and beautiful coat with a soft feel and natural shine. STHLM DOGSPA Softening Conditioner is also enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera which has a humectant and strengthening effect.

Rec.price: 269 SEK/500 ml

The products are developed in Sweden. For more information and pictures, please contact STHLM DOGSPA Marketing Department:

Sthlm Dogspa is a Swedish brand founded in Stockholm 2022 with an ambition to develop luxury and nurturing products for your furry friend. STHLM DOGSPA is reinventing the “dog world” with nurturing ingredients with a timeless design. Inspired by dog’s lives and needs, the ambition is to create care products to make the furry friends happier and healthier but also facilitate the owners everyday life.